A glimpse into the future

A glimpse into the future

In December 2016, the Ministry granted the request for subsidies for a period of four years (2017-2020). In its response to PUM, the Ministry emphasised the importance of working towards a compact portfolio of countries and sectors/thematic areas with specific attention to the needs of Least Developed Countries. Activities in countries that are not part of the list of the Dutch Good Growth Fund will not receive any further funding from the Ministry, which requires PUM to make strategic choices for its future areas of operation.

Increasing our effectiveness and reaching impact at scale call for strategic choices and a refined value proposition.


Motivated by the desire to improve the quality and impact of our work, the Executive Board has set in motion a far-reaching process of internal and external reorganisation – based on extensive consultations with employees, volunteers and stakeholders, including the involvement of a reputable consultancy company. This reorganisation process serves to (1) invest in the knowledge and skills of paid staff, staff volunteers and experts, (2) improve the one-on-one advice model by focusing on a limited number of priorities and complementary cooperation with others, and (3) embed our activities within programmatic frameworks. These investments have repercussions and lead to a redesign of the support organisation towards an efficient and effective organisation equipped to constantly monitor and improve the quality of services.

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