People & Diversity

People & Diversity

At the end of 2018, PUM employed 57 paid staff members (49 FTE). Additionally, PUM benefits from 92 staff volunteers, 170 local representatives worldwide and a pool of 1,916 volunteer experts with wide ranging expertise and many years of experience.

PUM strongly upholds its commitment to create a more diverse pool of experts by increasing the share of female and professionally active volunteer experts. Our intention is to increase the share to 20% and 10% respectively in 2021. Attracting female experts is an ongoing focus in our recruitment efforts. 

Following the annulment of the minimum age of 50 years for experts in 2017, we now also actively explore opportunities to involve younger volunteer experts that are still professionally active, for example through corporate volunteering in collaboration with Dutch businesses. Businesses that have partnered with PUM in 2018 by engaging employees as expert in a PUM advisory mission are Equinix (IT, Suriname), Atos (IT, Uganda) and Achmea (Health Care, Bangladesh).

In 2018 two evaluations were conducted into the work-related health and well-being of employees and into PUM’s Human Resources policy, in addition to a so-called ‘Risico Inventarisatie en Evaluatie’. These insights have given rise to a number of HR actions initiated in 2018 that will continue into 2019: rearranging workstations, strengthening HR skills of managerial staff, developing an approach to address the causes of work-related stress and renewing the employee performance assessment system. In 2018 several staff members have followed trainings on management skills.

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