Natural Capital

Natural Capital

Natural Capital Natural capital includes all natural resources and processes which produce goods or provide services, including air, water, land, biodiversity and ecosystems (IIRC, 2013). For PUM, natural capital is associated with the CO2 emissions resulting from the air travel of its volunteers and the way PUM incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its business.


Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR reflects the way you do your business. It means that the entrepreneur acts responsibly towards stakeholders and what these represent, like nature and natural resources. CSR also reflects the way you are aware of the future and future generations and generates innovations the business. From this point of view, PUM acts twofold: to act responsibly itself and to consult our customers to do the same. CSR in terms of consulting our customers means that we have our eyes and ears open when visiting the sites of their business. In the infographic on CSR on page 24 you see that PUM very often provides consults in areas like environmental and social matters. In most cases, our customers did not specifically ask for these consults. However, we conclude that we provide welcomed, sensible and useful suggestions, because there is follow-up in most cases.  

In 2017, we have prepared ourselves to a future business model in which programs will be developed in order to achieve more impact than with one-on-one consultancy may trigger. Programmes imply longer duration, more education, and more customers in groups. This development means that CSR is core to any program PUM develops and executes.  CSR programs have been initiated in 2017 to be executed from 2018 in tourism, agriculture and textile & leather.


The management of CSR within PUM has changed in 2017 to some extent. There is a core CSR team with representatives of the four ‘themes’ in which PUM has been reorganised. Within each theme there are CSR experts for each business sector, which PUM serves. CSR will be part of all business operations of PUM and the core CSR team has open access to PUM’s Executive Committee. These achievements will reach full scale in 2018 and will be guided by monitoring.

Compensation of CO2 emissions

Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of PUM’s DNA, yet the CO2 emissions caused by the flights made by our experts total 7,870 tons a year. ‘CO2 Emissions have a direct effect on global warming and it is the western world that is mainly responsible for these emissions while the poorer countries are the ones suffering from the effects. They experience climate change the most. Thanks to the Paris Climate Agreement, large companies have to drastically reduce their emissions, and although PUM is not obliged to, it is keen to take its share of the responsibility. Simply because corporate social responsibility and sustainability run through the organisation’s veins.’


Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a social venture working towards a climate neutral world. CNG offers businesses insight into their CO2 emissions helps them reduce their emissions and provides offsetting by investing in sustainable projects. Since January 2017, CNG has been calculating the CO2 emission from each PUM flight made and how much wind energy is needed to offset the emissions.

Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is helping PUM offset its CO2 emissions in their climate project ‘Wind Energy in Turkey’. The majority of PUM’s offset could be gained by flying less, but this is not an option because an expert needs to be on the spot during a mission. PUM is therefore compensating by investing in a wind farm in the Turkish province of Manisa. Over the past year, thirteen wind turbines have supplied 10,000 households with clean energy.’

PUM choose to work with the Climate Neutral Group because they look into extra advantages that can be gained.  In addition to offsetting CO2 emissions, the wind farm in Turkey also works on four of the SDG goals,

namely: affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, and climate action. In this way, our action specifically addresses the climate problem and we contribute towards a higher standard of living.


Did the company receiveCSR-related advice?

Did the expert see positive CSR-related situations during the mission?

Was the company receptive to the advice given?

Did the expert observedubious situations (in the context of CSR)?

PUM compensates CO₂ emissions caused by flights through the Climate Neutral Group since January 2017

29.598.055 KM

7.870 TON

Which situations did the expert encounter?*

TOTAL 491 situations

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