Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The travel advice of The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an important guideline for PUM to decide whether experts can be sent off to a particular country or not, or to possibly let them return early.

In addition to our good contacts within the worldwide network of Dutch embassies and consulates, we also have our own network of local representatives who are well informed about the current situation in their regions. 

Experts are, irrespective of the country, always extensively informed prior to departure and instructed where necessary about any health and safety risks. PUM also actively distributes the safety and health manual (‘Veilig & Gezond op reis’) where guidelines are provided to experts before departure to limit the risks as much as possible. The manual was thoroughly reviewed in 2018.

PUM and its experts follow international corporate standards and codes of conduct when working with clients. In 2018 PUM has implemented a unified, modernized code of conduct for all its employees and volunteers, including specific provisions for complaint mechanisms and whistle-blowing procedures.

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