Female entrepreneurship offers many opportunities for inclusive, sustainable economic development. Besides contributing to equality and emancipation, female entrepreneurs are able to play a significant role in creating employment opportunities, generating income and improving innovation. Especially in developing countries and emerging markets the potential remains largely unused. For many women in these countries entrepreneurship is a choice made out of necessity and a means of survival.

PUM underlines the concern for an enabling environment in which female entrepreneurship can flourish. Therefore, we focus expressly on supporting female entrepreneurs. In many of the sectors and countries in which we play an active role, we can still strive for more progress. Our experts acknowledge the challenges and see opportunities for women as entrepreneurs. Through our knowledge and experience, we can help female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and form successful, sustainable organisations.

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You are here Female entrepreneur with a passion for baking in Uganda

A company set up by Pelagia Tusiime also known as Peggy, a passionate young woman that not only has a passion for baking, but also invest in capacity building of young girls and women. Ambitious women that want to learn confectionary skills and improve the business. That is Peggy’s confectionary, a small bakery in the outskirts of Kampala in Uganda. .

PUM expert Marielle Vervest who is a female entrepreneur herself and runs a bakery with about 90 employees, was a perfect match to assist Peggy, the director of Peggy’s confectionary. Peggy wants to expand the product portfolio of the bakery, improve the quality of the current products and find new markets for selling her products. The small bakery is specialized in making cakes of all sizes for special occasions. The cakes can be picked up at the bakery, but she also offers home delivery. People find her through Facebook or by texting a message.

Hands on advice

Marielle: “To inspire them to design cakes that stand out, are different from the competition and to make choices in the proposition of the cakes, I gave practical training courses to Peggy and her staff.  I helped in making the choice to open a shop or not by dividing the costs of the investments and production in two places, against the required additional turnover that had to be achieved at the intended location where there was not much traffic. We talked for hours so I could learn about her business, her position in the market and her needs to take her business to a higher level. We performed a SWOT analysis, updated her business plan an added a marketing- and action plan.

‘Finding ways to increase the quality thought technical innovation’

To really take her business to a higher level, I advised Peggy to find ways to increase the quality of her products through technical innovation. She can expand her delivery service and grow her business by setting up a proper web shop, which facilitates online orders.  Also buying an icing printer which can make creative patterns for decoration purposes could make her business more profitable.

Exceeding expectations

It was my first advisory mission for PUM and it exceeded my expectations. Ten days in the warm company of the businesswoman Peggy and her employees. I have experienced a huge friendship and inquisitiveness. I also was part of Peggy’s family for ten days.  Because talking to a female entrepreneur also means looking for a balance in combining your job with the care of children. It was truly a very inspiring time to work in Uganda and to experience that entrepreneurship, the principle of value for money and providing good service to your customers, are universal.”


Marielle Vervest works in the family business (Bakkerij van Heeswijk) in Luyksgestel. The bakery received the distinction ‘hofleverancier (purveyor to the royal household) in 2014. About 450 companies are currently permitted to use the royal warrant by His Majesty the King. The bakery is well known as an artesian bakery that distinguish itself trough exceptional performance in the fields of quality, service, organization and customer focus.

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