Executive Summary

Executive Summary

PUM has been an important player in the field since 1978 when it was founded by the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With over 1900 experienced and independent experts it is the largest private-to-private, volunteer development agency of the Netherlands providing professional assistance from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs in developing countries. By sharing knowledge and expertise with entrepreneurs worldwide, PUM improves business performance, facilitates investments and opens up opportunities for job creation.

2017 was another successful year for us. We…

… managed a pool of 1,915 experienced and independent experts and 98 volunteer staff.

… were active in 32 countries worldwide which are on the list of partner countries of the DGGF and are eligible for official development assistance (ODA) and of which half are LDCs.

… supported 1403 SMEs through 1,846 tailor-made knowledge sharing missions.

… also implemented 54 business links with Dutch companies, 14 seminars and 19 remote coaching activities

… further rolled out the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and implemented the annual plan 2017, which will increase our impact on the ground.

… concluded the Making Africa Work programme in cooperation with network organisation Africa in Motion with a result of 40 approved business plans to help combat youth unemployment in five African nations

… further implemented the awareness of the importance of CSR throughout the organisation and to the companies that receive advice

… concluded the transition period in December 2017, evaluated by KIT in February 2018, requiring a follow-up action plan to improve and consolidate results of the transition in 2018.

… received the impact evaluation report of the PRIME partnership, stating that PUM has generated positive change in knowledge and business practices of SME’s, which in turn has led to improved SME performance, particularly in terms of revenues and sales and resulting in important lessons learnt that will guide further quality improvement of PUMs services in 2018.

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