PUM envisions a world in which SMEs can realize their potential as the backbone of the economy and in which entrepreneurship drives sustainable development.

On this mission, PUM considers reaching out to others and collaboration with likeminded organizations as highly essential in order to be a relevant player in development cooperation.


One important way of reaching out for PUM is by being very active in the area of communications. It enables PUM to provide others insight in its mission and added value. PUM’s communication is greatly helped by its mission and approach which allow for very illustrative and effective storytelling. In 2018 PUM has invested a great deal of effort in capturing stories that embody our vision ‘Vibrant Businesses, Better Lives’, in the intensification and modernization of communication methods and in organizing events that help to spread the mission of PUM.


The website of PUM ( is the main portal for both (potential) customers, as (potential) experts and all other stakeholders. In addition to general information about the organisation, best practices, criteria to apply and information about our main activities, it also guides customers through the application process and new experts trough the recruitment process.

PUM app

The printed PUM magazine was published one last time as an anniversary edition at the end of 2018. Fully in line with our sustainable DNA, in 2018 the printed magazine has made way for the PUM app. PUM experts and entrepreneurs share their stories through the app, talking about factors for successful growth, improving business operations and creating employment.

Also experts and partners share their stories about the positive impact of sharing practical knowledge. In the app, we focus on relevant PUM topics such as innovation, incubator programmes, (female) entrepreneurship, Business Links (Aid & Trade), training and education, international corporate social responsibility, youth employment and new partnerships. We publish stories and news on a frequent basis in both Dutch and English, which results in a much broader reach.

The PUM app is free of charge and available for iOS and Android. Downloads add up to over 2057 times since the launch date in April 2018.

Social Media

PUM is active on various social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In 2018 PUM invested time and effort in further optimising these channels and also became active on Instagram. Daily posts about experts in the field, (new) partnerships and relevant themes like food security, female entrepreneurship and youth employment, and more are being featured. Our two main channels are Facebook and Twitter, both of which show quite a significant increase during 2018 (see table below).

Social Media channel

01 January 2018

31 December 2018
















*As from May 2018

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