CO2 compensation

CO2 compensation

Sustainability is part of PUM’s DNA. More than only as a key topic in its services to SMEs, PUM simultaneously strives to pursue sustainable practices in its own business operations.
One key area of concern is the environment.

In various ways PUM works to reduce its environmental footprint, in collaboration with the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW as founder and lessor of the office facilities of PUM, for example by making use of green energy in PUM’s headquarters ‘Malietoren’ and an efficient waste management system.

CO2 compensation

An area of particular concern for PUM is the emission of carbon dioxide, or CO2. PUM’s way working, by providing its services to a client at the work floor, significantly expands our environmental footprint. In 2018 the CO2 emissions caused by the flights made by PUM totalled 7,075 tons. CO2 emissions have a significant and direct effect on climate change and global warming The Paris Climate Agreement has called upon the global community to drastically reduce their emissions. Although PUM is not legally obliged, it is keen to take its share of the responsibility.

Since a number of years PUM takes responsibility for its CO2 emissions by working together with the Climate Neutral Group. Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a social venture that promotes a climate neutral world. CNG offers businesses insight into their CO2 emissions, helps them to reduce their emissions and provides offsetting by investing in sustainable climate projects.

CNG helps PUM to offset its CO2 emissions in their climate project ‘Wind Energy in Turkey’ through which PUM invests in a wind farm in the Turkish province of Manisa. CNG calculates the CO2 emission from each PUM flight made and how much wind energy is needed to offset the emissions. In addition to CO2 compensation, the project also helps to make progress on four of the SDG goals, namely: affordable and clean energy, decent work & economic growth, innovation & infrastructure and climate action. Through our participation in this project PUM strives not only to directly address climate change but also to contribute to sustainable development more broadly.

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