Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Introduction to PUM – As part of their onboarding process all new experts are invited to a one-day introduction programme in PUM’s headquarters. During this day, new experts are introduced in PUM’s organization, policies and procedures. They also receive our expert guidelines ‘Leidraad voor Experts’ which contains all sorts of valuable information including our code of conduct. In 2018 we organized 3 introduction meetings for a total of 100 new experts.

Intercultural Advice & Communication – All our volunteer experts get the opportunity to follow a workshop on intercultural advice and communication. These workshops take place at PUM headquarters and generally meet with very positive response by experts. They serve to discuss in small groups the challenges of sharing knowledge and giving advice in intercultural settings and elaborate on personal strategies for effective communication. In 2018, PUM organized 8 meetings with attendance of 88 experts in total.

CSR seminars – PUM is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. PUM has a dedicated in-house team of CSR experts that equip our organization with expertise and tools to help raise awareness and promote CSR uptake among our customers. It is also a recurrent topic in the events PUM organizes for its experts. We also initiate events specifically dedicated to corporate social responsibility. The objective of these events is to put the topic higher on the agenda within our own organization and to enable our experts to integrate CSR into the advice and support to our customer.

In 2018, PUM organized two CSR seminars in which a total of 112 experts attended; one seminar on solar energy, one business ethics seminar on the use of agrochemicals. During the celebration event in September one of the workshops centred around the circular economy.

Sector days – Sector days are organised to facilitate and promote exchange of knowledge and experiences among our experts within a particular sector or area of expertise. Amongst other objectives these events are an important means for continuous professional development for our experts, for example by allowing them stay abreast of current trends in their respective sectors.

In 2018, PUM organised 13 individual sector days with a total number of 508 attendees. In addition, to celebrate its 40th year of existence, PUM hosted a major conference for all of its volunteer experts and (volunteer) staff members in September 2018 in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. This gathering brought together over 750 experts and staff members and included numerous sector workshops and other types of breakout sessions.

Training for local representatives

In 2018 we organized so-called Country Team Meetings (CTMs) in several PUM countries together with our representatives. CTMs are used to enhance PUM’s networks on the ground and strengthen the position of representatives. Among the topics addressed in 2018 were acquisition, marketing & sales, teambuilding and the programmatic approach. At the end of 2018 we launched the Work @ PUM app for the representatives. The app is an instrument that helps to guide the onboarding journey for new representatives, by making them feel part of PUM and by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as a PUM representative. The Work @ PUM app was very well received by our representatives.

(volunteer) Staff members 

ProCus – As part of their onboarding process, every new (volunteer) staff members receives training in the use of PUM’s CRM system called ProCus. Additionally, in 2018 there have been 3 extensive one- day group trainings in ProCus.

Office 365 – As part of ongoing rollout of Office 365 as cloud-based software package, PUM organized in 2018 training in Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for paid employees on five occasions, in addition to regular informal coaching on Office-365 for (volunteer) staff members.

PUMnet Knowledge Portal – PUMnet, the name of PUM’s intranet, is designed to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing among our experts, staff volunteers, representatives and paid staff – for instance, through a virtual community around sectors, countries and crosscutting themes, an online library, regular newsfeeds, blogs and a discussion forum. In 2018 several improvements were made to the design, functionality and user-friendliness of PUMnet and ‘Knowledge Portal’ was added to the name to underline its purpose.

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