Business links

Business links

The so-called Aid & Trade agenda is at the heart of the development cooperation policy of The Netherlands. The Dutch government actively pursues the combination of Aid and Trade as a means to create mutual benefits for developing countries & emerging markets and the Dutch private sector. One way through which PUM gives practical effect to the Aid & Trade agenda is by organizing Business Links. Business Links aim at strengthening the economic (business) ties between our customers and the Dutch private sector.

A Business Link entails that SMEs at their request and facilitated by PUM visit The Netherlands to link up with a number of Dutch businesses with the aim of exploring economic (business) opportunities, particularly for the purpose of trade promotion.

A Business Link can result in the purchase of products or services by the SME from a Dutch business, or vice versa. In some cases this concerns products or services that are crucial for the development of the business of the other, such as hardware (e.g. machines)or key inputs like higher quality seeds (see case below). Either way, there is a mutual benefit for both the SME and the Dutch business. In 2018 we organized a total of 54 Business links with participation from SMEs from various parts of the world (see map below).

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