Audited statements

Audited statements

Both summaries are translations of the audited statements that have been drawn up in Dutch, which can be viewed here.

Remuneration of the executives

PUM has to comply with the Dutch law (*) concerning the remuneration of executives of organisations which are funded by the Dutch government.

(*) WNT – Wet Normering Topinkomens

Thijs van Praag left the organisation at the end of March 2016. His remuneration in 2016 was € 41,885. From April until July 2016, Thea Fierens was managing director ad interim. Her remuneration was € 12,000. As per 1 July 2016 Johan van de Gronden has been appointed as CEO of PUM Netherlands senior experts. His remuneration in 2016 was € 80,762. The remuneration of Hans Luursema as Director Finance, operations & Support was € 126,655 in 2016.

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