Our organisation

Our organisation

PUM is the largest private-to-private, volunteer development agency of the Netherlands providing professional assistance from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Founded in 1978 by the Dutch Employers’ Federation VNO-NCW in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PUM is a key pillar of Dutch support to small and medium enterprises in developing and emerging economies and a crucial vehicle to share Dutch expertise with those that otherwise lack access to knowledge.


Our mission is “to share knowledge for vibrant businesses and better lives”.
We specialise in recognising and developing entrepreneurship, and focus on long-term development trajectories. Our work is firmly grounded in two unique selling points:

  • Professional, hands-on advice for entrepreneurs through our pool of 2,760 experts.
  • Affordable advice for entrepreneurs through our commitment to volunteering.

Our vision and mission demand that we organise our work around a focused set of cross-cutting priorities which hold for all of our activities: advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring Diversity and promoting CSR. This implies that in our knowledge-sharing work, we focus on supporting SMEs to make a positive impact on food security, women and youth, and climate change.

Learn more about our organisation and our activities by visiting www.pum.nl

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